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Hehehe! It's very funny! ^^
I wish all anime was like that! XD
Sadly all anime is more boring. I like the way they blink their eyes to each other and fall in love hehe!

when I saw this at first I thought it was a show already aired on tv! The quality of this animation is stunning! It doesn't ask anything to a cartoon network or nickelodeon's one.
I liked it a lot even if adult humor and guts is not what I'm used to watch, because it's very well performed and the characters are funny and with a very well set personality. I think my favorite so far is the purple one, because it's kinda a geek. Plus, the aliens designs are cool and very well made. All of them! I really liked the comibnation of a space saga and a barbarians story! it was a witty idea!
This one could be an great adult show to be aired on nights!

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She's very pretty, I really liked the coloring on her skin and the areola nipples, the nippples are so hot! Although I think it would have been cooler if you didn't do the outlines on black on this drawing and made the girl's coloring more like a painting, like the landscape behind her, because that way people would have appreciated even more your gorgeous coloring!

But well, that's just a little advice for this specific painting. In some of your other illustrations the black lines go better with the background.

Lewdatic responds:

That's a good point. I might update it at some point.

Hoooohh mon dieu! C'est magnifque!! :D
I don't know the character but you drew her so beautifully I feel like watching the show she comes from! The pose it's so sexy and well drawn anatomically! It's one of the most creative pinup poses I've seen from you, and in erotic art in general. It's so alluring and hot!

And the dialogue just makes it even better! I love that it's referring that she's a scuba diver with the outfit as well! Your art style is so cool it makes me me wish that one day you could make my characters Pierre and Rita, remembering that Rita is a scuba diver too. And a teuthologist, hehe

Furboz responds:

You really need to see the Hotel Transilvania Movies!! they are pure gold in animation and story telling... well the second not so much, but the others are!

Toriel is one of the best MILF's ever! But her desing it's a bit complicated for people I guess, because rare is the artwork I see where she's beautiful and sexy but also conserves her sweet personality.
Thanks a lot for choosing her! I think you did such a great work portraying her personality here, and I'm so grateful for! Also, the perspective it's awesome! I love the outfit you've given her, they jacket its so cool! And the free milk tshirt it's perfect joke for her because she's a goat! hehe

Furboz responds:

Yes Toriel is hard to draw right! I tried before and I didn't liked the result... I think this one is a bit better =)

Illustrator, graphic designer. I love to draw fanart but also I have my own original characters I create comics and art with. I'm a general artist who likes to do erotic art from time to time when the inspiration strikes.


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