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Illustrator, graphic designer. I love to draw fanart but also I have my own original characters I create comics and art with. I'm a general artist who likes to do erotic art from time to time when the inspiration strikes.

Call me cephy @cephalofille

34, Female


self-taught artist and later g

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I've been on this site for a good while now and even if I'm not popular or anything like that, I feel good and in peace here and I really like the interface and organization system here.

Although I must say... I'm still perplexed to know here in newgrounds there are no way to put a filter that prevents people not logged in to see nsfw stuff and thus allow you to have the choice to make your art intented for adults stay within the adults eyes.

This makes me feel very inconfortable and worried in fact...to think that little kiddos on the web could cross with one of my works and they might feel disturbed or uncomfortable. And I know this can happen because I work with characters of shows rated G sometimes.

So probably soon I'll delete this account and move all my art somewhere else.

Although I'm not sure where because my stuff it's rather soft to post it on another sites like hentaifoundry or pixiv....

I don't think I'd be comfortable there...the stuff people post on those sites is intimidating for me, it's just too much even for me heheh

I would like to ask, if some of you maybe, would have an advice about another site for art that accepts middle erotic art like pinups and nude I would love to know about it!

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Hey there folks!

I would like to let you know I'm open for comissions all this year! If you like to know more details please contact me via note.

Oh! and I would like you to know that just for this year Christmas holidays, all the rest of the days until my birthday the sketches will still be $5 USD, no matter if they're half body, bust or full body. 

The Digital pastel color and watercolor tecnique with simple background will be $25 -$30 USD depending of the complexity.

And the Digital 2D animation style will be $40 or more depending of the complexity of the character.

It applies until January 3 of next year. Let me know if you're interested and with half of the payment you can save your place for having your comission with this price.