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Illustrator, graphic designer. I love to draw fanart but also I have my own original characters I create comics and art with. I'm a general artist who likes to do erotic art from time to time when the inspiration strikes.


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Posted by cephalofille - January 2nd, 2019

would like to come by? you will be welcome on picarto

Streaming at Picarto at 7:00pm because I feel like doodling , will be for a couple of hours, don’t feel shy hanging out with me today! :D



Posted by cephalofille - December 25th, 2018

Hey there folks!

I would like to let you know I'm open for comissions all this year! If you like to know more details please contact me via note.

Oh! and I would like you to know that just for this year Christmas holidays, all the rest of the days until my birthday the sketches will still be $5 USD, no matter if they're half body, bust or full body. 

The Digital pastel color and watercolor tecnique with simple background will be $25 -$30 USD depending of the complexity.

And the Digital 2D animation style will be $40 or more depending of the complexity of the character.

It applies until January 3 of next year. Let me know if you're interested and with half of the payment you can save your place for having your comission with this price.


Posted by cephalofille - December 12th, 2018

Bonjour les mecs! Hope you're doing well!
This is my first journal here, so I thought it was only natural to tell you why I decided to come make an account here.

It's because now tumbrl is "poniendose sus moños" (an expression in Mexico to say someone's overreacting or making a tantrum) and have given the notice that it will no longer accept adult stuff. So that's why the title, before they put on the new rules on tumbrl I feel like I should prevent and try to find a new home for my artwork. Better safe than sorry, as people in english say :)

My first home was deviantart, for 11 years and a bit more. But I was demotivated from posting  there more and more, because a couple of users I had the bad luck to cross paths with were very overreative about my drawings and tortured me with their silly complains and arguing for 8 years, even when I never really posted erotic artwork on dA, my stuff was very tame at that time, just an esporadic artistic nude, because I was very shy at that time and I feared a lot that people will judge me and see me on another way. Although since I was a teen I started to draw erotic work for my own amusement, and I kept it to myself.

Back in the end of last year 2017, I finally got the courage to make a tumbrl and post a few of my erotic stuff there (also on FA) and even if my tumbrl was never popular, my art was more welcome there than on dA. And most important; I was able to post my artwork without being harassed about the content of it or that a few of my personal likes were "weird" or "disgraceful". In thumbrl I had peace and tranquility, I called it home...so it was so frustrating and sad to know that notice. Since it's not just me who was there and enjoyed being there, and the freedom of expression that the site gaves me. But also, there were a lot of other artist who were awesome and made good quality erotic artwork, and made comissions of adult stuff, that now will be exiled forever and they don't have where to go where they could be appreciated and given feedback as they deserve.

I mean, I understand that tumbrl people wanted to "end up with the pornography" as they said in official tumbrl's journal, and that is a kind gesture on itself, but you know, I think banning adult stuff sans rhyme ni raison will not help anybody; it will not help at all to achieve their supposed "goal" cos people who post child porn photos and other sexual explotation content will go and do it on a porn site! While the only who will suffer will be the great erotic artist I've mentionned above! Tumbrl have always been a friendly community that respects the freedom of expression and the ideas of others, where artists were able to post their erotic work in peace and tranquility. I myself I've spend a good time there even if my blog wasn't popular itself, and I've met wonderful artist's works there that I've come to admire!

That's the case of Furboz, one great artist who is very friendly, tolerant and respectful with the ideas and personal tastes of others. And in fact I'm here to be able too keep appreciating his work :) But I've seen the site and with the first impression I decided that...I like it a lot! ^^ So I'll try my luck posting my artwork here, and I ...I hope with time my artwork can be welcome and appreciated here and I can call Newgrounds "home".

I was more I think if we were more tolerant with the ideas of others, and respectful with their feelings, this world would be  a better place!